3 years to the date I first took to the virtual airwaves of Blog Talk Radio . . . boy does time really fly!

Posted on March 26, 2012


It is amazing at how quickly time flies . . . 3 years ago today I aired my very first episode on Blog Talk Radio . . .

Closing in on my 500th show, I have a many memories upon which to reflect having had the great privilege of sharing the virtual airwaves with some pretty amazing people including you my listeners.

In fact the memories are so diverse and plentiful that attempting to record them within the confines of a single blog post would prove to be an impossible task.

As a result, I thought that it would make far more sense to provide you with the links to both our 100th and 200th Show Specials, which features excerpts from some of the more memorable episodes.

I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane this provides as much as I have enjoyed the opportunity to come into your businesses and homes these past 3 years.

Of course, thank you Blog Talk Radio for providing such a great platform!

Radio Has Never Sounded Better!

PI Window 100th Episode Special

PI Window 200th Episode Special

Leveraging the Power of Internet Radio