Being named one of Blog Talk Radio’s top hosts an unexpected honor

Posted on August 12, 2013


When I aired my first show on Blog Talk Radio back on March 26th, 2009 I would have never imagined that I would one day pass the 650 episode mark, let alone be selected as one of the Network’s Top 300 hosts.

JWH BTR Host Card

With 15,000 hosts airing a mind boggling number of shows every day, it is to say the least both an honor and a somewhat humbling experience.

Obviously, a great deal of the credit goes to my listeners who over the years have faithfully tuned in to my shows as well as those shows that also run under the PI Window on the World Banner including the Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update, and Inspiration with April.  And let’s not forget our newest show, The Real Women of 5 Alive!

That being said, I also owe a great deal of thanks to the people at Blog Talk Radio.

If for example Alan Levy had not had the vision to start Blog Talk Radio, I would have never taken to any airwaves let alone the virtual airwaves of BTR.  While I cannot speak for every host, I am certain that the vast majority share my appreciation for what Alan’s idea – which began as a convenient means of staying in touch with his father – has enabled all of us to do.  Namely connect with those who are important to us.

Of course Alan has also surrounded himself with some pretty amazing people including Amy, Shannon and John to name just a few, who have each played an important role in the network’s success

In the end, what BTR has ultimately done for me personally, is enable me to relive some of my fondest memories from my childhood.  Specifically, and as I reminisced in my book “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds: Confessions of a Blog Talk Radio Host;” When I think of radio I think back to the old days when I was young and radio was more than just an entertainment source, it was also a somewhat monolithic piece of furniture in the family living room . . . and I can also recall those Saturday evenings where I would strategically place myself below the legs, or under the legs of the unit and my Dad would turn it on . . . and that distinctive crackling sound of electricity pulsating through the tubes, and that distinctive aroma of an electrical fire (although it wasn’t), as I anxiously waited to cheer on my favorite sports teams . . . what great memories.

To now be a part of that rich tradition on the other side of the mike is to borrow a phrase from a well known television commercial . . . priceless.