Mentors and Sponsors: Not an either or proposition by Roz Usheroff

Posted on September 12, 2013


This post by executive coach and branding specialist Roz Usheroff made me wonder if those of us in the procurement profession effectively cultivate mentor relationships. What do you think?

The Remarkable Leader

According to a recent interview for Forbes magazine, Sylvia Ann Hewlett was clear in her advice that one should focus on finding a sponsor as opposed to a mentor.

The difference between the two according to Hewlett is that “mentors advise; sponsors act.”

Notwithstanding the fact that she does outline the important role of a mentor in business success, I am not of the opinion that we are talking about an either or proposition.  In short, and as illustrated by the following Personal Reflection excerpt from my book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand, discounting the need for a mentor in favor of the a singular focus on finding a sponsor is tantamount to thinking about stealing second base before you actually get the hit that lands you on first base.  It is potentially putting the cart before the proverbial horse.

A Moment of Personal Reflection …

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