Values under pressure: Is there a way to keep your job without compromising your values? by Roz Usheroff

Posted on November 7, 2013


Editors Note: This story about a hospital that “falsified official cancer care records to meet performance targets” made me wonder if procurement professionals face similar challenges in terms of unrealistic performance targets?

A very interesting read!

The Remarkable Leader

Personal Values as well as Corporate Values are critical . . . how many people have personal mission statements such as Merlin Olsen to serve as a reference point and guide during periods of crisis or as you called it pressure.  Remember Charlie Sheen’s Wall Street character, and his moment of truth (or departure from truth) when he was faced with Gekko’s ultimatum to do that which he knew was wrong or walk away, and he chose to turn his back on who he really was with the word’s “okay Mr. Gekko, you got me.” We all do have a choice . . . we are not mere victims of circumstance.  Here is the link to a post by Roz Usheroff that captures perfectly the essence of my position; Aligning Your Brand with Your Personal Values Equals True Success

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I have as of late been both honored…

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