Pointing to the fences: Is your calling your shot a sign of confidence or cockiness by Roz Usheroff

Posted on May 12, 2014


Editor’s Note: Even though procurement professionals deliver tremendous value to their organizations it seems that we as a profession fail to effectively promote said value. So here is the question . . . is it time for us both individually and collectively to start “swinging for the fences?”

The Remarkable Leader

Everyone knows the famous story about how in the fifth inning of the 1932 World Series Babe Ruth pointed to the bleachers showing all who could see that he was going to hit the next pitch over the fence for a home run.

While there is to this day some debate as to whether Ruth was actually calling his shot, the story has become an enduring part of baseball folklore and therefore history.  It has also come to signify the angst induced admiration we have for someone who is bold enough to confidently stake their claim in the world.

To those players and fans of the opposing team, Ruth’s gesture was the epitome of arrogance and cockiness that begged for a response of derision and cries for a strikeout.

But to the Yankee faithful, the Sultan of Swat’s actions were a rallying point reflecting the confidence that ultimately carried…

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