How Nipendo makes us all look smart by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 2, 2014


Back in my April 23rd post “What IBM was to mainframes and Coupa was to SaaS, Nipendo is to the P2P cloud“, I wrote the following; I believe that Nipendo is a company to watch – and watch closely – in that not only have they seen the future, they also understand it and are positioned to leverage and influence it to the full benefit of their clients.

Given the news that Gartner has just named Nipendo to their 2014 Cool Vendor list, one might think that I yet again nailed it in terms of picking another winning player in the eProcurement world.  However, when it comes to vendors like Nipendo, it is more a case of the company making the journalist/analyst look smart.  Or to put it another way, think of it in the context of the hockey scout who said that Wayne Gretzy or Mario Lemieux were going to be great players.  You don’t need a special insight or a unique knack to recognize talent of that magnitude!

Let’s face it, Nipendo was bound for success regardless of what the industry pundits had to say.  They are simply just that good at what they do.

The only question that remains is what’s next?  Similar to watching the Great One play hockey, the coming months and years with Nipendo are also going to be fun to watch!

Gretzky Nipendo


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