Gaining trust and a foothold in higher education by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 3, 2014


As one of our New Wave companies for 2014, Unimarket is an interesting study in contrasts.  On the one hand, the organization has been around for a long time – nearly 2 decades from original conception.

On the other hand Unimarket, like the individuals in the old American Express “Do you know me” commercials, has achieved a perplexing level of anonymity.  In short they are in that zone of providing service to a solid customer base but, have not yet experienced the breakout success of a Coupa or a Nipendo.

Do not get me wrong, they are far from being in the realm of a one hit wonder but . . . is where they are in total market share today, commensurate with what they can do for their clients?

In talking with Unimarket’s Daniel Perry the answer to this question might be better answered in a couple months when, as a result of their high profile presence at the recent NAEP conference, they should start reaping the rewards of stepping into the spotlight.

Or to put it another way, being a Presidential Sponsor along with Grainger, Visa and Xerox will put you in elite company, and help to get you noticed.  While it may not necessarily be a significant amount to Unimarket, my question however is whether the $20K sponsor fee plus expenses I found listed on the NAEP site, will serve as the desired catalyst that will not only place them but keep them in the winner’s circle in the minds of higher ed decision makers?

Given the NAEP Conference’s Kentucky Derby theme and Unimarket’s pedigree, this is one horse race that is going to be worth watching over the coming weeks and months.

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