P2P Breaking Through – From Dumb Pipes to Smart Networks a “must attend” Webinar by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 5, 2014


Just this morning I received an e-mail invite to the June 12th 30 minute Nipendo webinar under the heading “Beyond e-procurement and e-invoicing: what’s next?”

Hosted by Purchasing Insight’s Pete Loughlin, attendees will find out how leading enterprises are building intelligent P2P solutions that:

  • Rise above the limitations of document-based buyer-supplier communication
  • Block bad data from entering your ERP and enterprise processes
  • Break down the silos of information between buyers and suppliers
  • Enable over ninety percent straight through processing of supplier invoices

However, what really caught my attention was the question “What would you rather receive? one hundred incorrect e-invoices or one hundred correct paper invoices.”

This to me captures the real point as to why I consider this to be a must attend webinar, especially given the company’s June 3rd blog post Can your firewall stop bad invoices?

In stating the obvious that “automation of the P2P process alone is not enough,” the post provided meaningful insight into what must take place for companies to achieve a near 100% invoice reconciliation or “breakthrough.”

Given that “defective invoices (invoices that don’t reconcile) account for “nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of past due payments,” and on average, take “two to three times longer to be paid than clean invoices,” this webinar – which I am certain will further expand on the June 3rd post – could not be better timed.


Click here to Register for the Webinar!

Click here to Register for the Webinar!


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