How Do You Source A High Performing Business Relationship? by Andy Akrouche

Posted on September 23, 2014


Editor’s Note: In this the 3rd installment in a series on “high performance relationships” from Andy Akrouche’s Relational Contracting Intelligence blog, the author provides an outline for sourcing the right vendor partners.

Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog

Now that we have in my previous post, identified what a high performance relationship actually is, the next question is how do you find one?  Or perhaps the better word would be “establish” one?

“The contract must become a platform to manage inevitable change, not pursue certainty based on the original deal.” – Ian Mack. Director General Major Project Delivery (Land & Sea), Canadian Department of National Defence

The “Relational” Ties That Bind

Establishing a collaborative high performing relationship requires a different sourcing process, as one cannot use the prescriptive or familiar procurement mechanisms to source a dynamic business relationship.

This becomes particularly important as it relates to Futuresourcing projects.

With Futuresourcing projects, where neither the client nor the vendor has constructed, built or delivered the required capability, past work experience cannot be solely relied upon or used as a selection criteria.

In sourcing dynamic relationships, a closer examination of the…

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