With the launch of #cloudtour 2014, the time for cloudBuy is now by Jon Hansen

Posted on October 1, 2014


New Wave 2014 company cloudBuy has just begun a 5 country, 30 day tour in which they will travel to Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Syndney and Hong Kong to talk about their unique B2B eCommerce platform.

What makes them unique?  Why after 20 years is the company, according to founder and Chairman Ronald Duncan, now in the position to challenge the Amazons and Googles for eCommerce global dominance?  How is the merging lines between the B2C and B2B worlds reshaping the way in which corporations procure goods and services?

Last week I had the opportunity to talk briefly with Ronald Duncan shortly after he arrived in Dubai regarding the above questions, as well as the rapidly expanding eCommerce world in countries such as India, and the opportunities it represents for cloudBuy.  You can listen to the interview in its entirety by clicking on the image below.

In the meantime, and suffice to say, it was an interesting discussion in that Duncan who, in an earlier interview talked about the link between market timing and being around long enough to take advantage of the opportunity it provides, had a future is now energy when he talked about #cloudtour 2014.

Within this context, the next few weeks should be a defining period for the company on many levels.

#cloudtour 2014 interview with cloudBuy's Ronald Duncan

#cloudtour 2014 interview cloudBuy’s Ronald Duncan

You can track news and updates from the tour through the #cloudtour hashtag on Twitter, as well as get our take on the Procurement Insights and Procurement Insights EU Edition blogs.

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