Kelly Barner weighs in on the Bloggers Defence Fund, my coverage of industry events, and the $3.5 million lawsuit by Jon Hansen

Posted on October 29, 2015


Editor’s Note: In response to a $3.5 million lawsuit, late last week I officially launched the Bloggers Defence Fund. While I have just begun the process of reaching out to the community, I have received words of support from several people – including the message below from Buyers Meeting Point’s Kelly Barner. It was originally posted as a comment in the Buyers Meeting Point Group on LinkedIn.


We should not overestimate the importance of having a range of perspectives on any event – procurement or otherwise. I’ve been (perilously?) close to Jon’s research for the last year, and can speak to the time, energy, and careful thought that has gone into it. There is nothing haphazard, personal, or reckless about the coverage we read on Procurement Insights.

I don’t claim to be objective. Jon has been a friend and mentor for years. In that time he has never steered me wrong. He never exploited my ‘newness’ as a blogger. He also never seemed concerned that we might be competitors – not Buyers Meeting Point and Procurement Insights, and not any of the other blogs or news sites in procurement. He has always emphasized the need for more voices rather than less for the good of the profession as a whole. Sadly, not everyone agrees with that principle.

You may agree or disagree with the conclusions Jon has drawn from his research. You may question his willingness to make those ideas public or cringe at his decision not to back down in the face of the consequences.

Somebody has to be willing to ask the tough questions and shine a light on topics and practices that merit further consideration. I encourage the entire Buyers Meeting Point community to consider making a donation of any size to the Blogger’s Defence Fund: