Is Periscope’s “No Comment At This Time” The Right Way To Go?

Posted on July 28, 2016


As is my normal practice, I always like to reach out to all parties referenced in a story to provide each one with an opportunity to be heard. The importance of doing this is self-evident.

In terms of my post yesterday Periscope Letter Protesting Arizona RFP Eye Opening, I sent a number of messages to to different people at Periscope – including CEO Brian Utley, asking for a comment on the Arizona letter.

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following response from Periscope’s Director of Marketing Communications Britton Cronin:


Thank you for reaching out to us. However, the matter is currently under review and therefore we are unable to comment at this time.

Britton Cronin

Director of Marketing Communications

Periscope Holdings, Inc.

I responded by letting her know that the invitation to comment was an open one, and asked her to call me when she was in the position to do so.

So here is the question . . . are you surprised with the “no comment” response?

Okay, neither am I.

That said, is Periscope’s decision to remain silent a good one? Does it help them or hurt them?


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