A Grimm Response?

Posted on August 11, 2016


Yesterday I reached out to NIGP CEO Rick Grimm in an e-mail, asking for a comment on my most recent post (Does an apparent lack of transparency provide enough of a reason to stop using the NIGP Code?).

Here was his response:

Mr. Hansen:  The Institute already provided you with a response to your query regarding our internal audit on April 5, 2016 – over 4 months ago.  I am bewildered why you believe that your same question would evoke a different response.  In alignment with our commitment to transparency, our members received an update on the actions taken as a result of the audit. To be clear, this reply to you should not be interpreted as an opportunity to re-engage with you.  It is simply an affirmation of our position articulated to you in April 2016.

Rick Grimm

I wanted to get further clarification regarding his reference to a provision of an update, and the subsequent actions that were taken as a result of the audit. So I responded as follows:

Thank you for your reply Rick.

To what update are you referring, and where can I obtain a copy?


So far, I have not received an answer.

Meanwhile, the feedback I received from those with whom I have shared Mr. Grimm’s response, is that he comes across has being angry and defensive.

Buffum NIGP Membership quote

In this context, and if the above referenced words of former NIGP Board President Donald Buffum are in fact reflective of the NIGP’s values and objectives, then how do you assess (or reconcile) Mr. Grimm’s response?

After all, isn’t a greater level of transparency, a key tenet of the vision associated with the public sector procurement profession moving in the right direction?

What do you think?

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