Will The Masterclass Model Work For Procurement? Absolutely!

Posted on March 8, 2017


I remember talking with Tim Cummins from IACCM, who had expressed the opinion that for associations to remain relevant and viable – especially with the Millennials, they had to move from the old paid membership model to an al la carte pay-as-you-use system.

Besides finding Tim’s statement to be a courageous one, I also agreed with its premise. Specifically, that in today’s hyper-connected world, people want insight and expertise available when they want it, and at a cost that makes sense.

Now before anyone freaks out and starts to defend the certification programs that are currently in place, what I am proposing is not an either or scenario.

What I am suggesting, is that the Masterclass model is actually a compliment to the certification programs offered through associations and higher ed institutions.


Why can’t we have, for example, recognized experts from the procurement world offer a series of video courses on managing supply chain risk or assessing value for money acquisitions?

After all, if Steve Martin can show us how to be comedians or, Frank Gehry teach us about design and architecture, surely procurement industry notables can teach us about mastering the critical tasks associated with our profession in a similarly engaging format?

I cannot think of a single reason why this would not work in our industry, can you?

With this in mind, don’t be surprised if Procurement Insights launches a similar Masterclass Model in the very near future featuring our industry thought leaders providing their insight and expertise to an eager market.


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