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Posted on May 19, 2017


Most of you may not remember either Look or Life magazine, as both ceased publication in the early seventies.

They were bi-weekly periodicals with minimal text that featured photographs of current events. One could say that with either publication a picture was literally worth a thousand words.

In the spirit of these once great magazines, here are a few pictures from this past week. What story do they tell you?

Thank goodness for the Coupa connection . . .

Phil Ideson and Coupa

If you want you can even read my posts on Spend Matters PRO (click image below) – of course here, they are free.

SM Posts 2 PI posts for PRO

New Leonardo and The Digital Renaissance video published (Click Mona To Watch)

SAP Leonardo2

And Speaking of Leonardo . . . Heeeere’s Watson (oops wrong Leonardo) – Read Asha McLean’s take on IBM’s Watson meeting SAP’s Leonardo (not this Leonardo, the other one).


Finally, thank you for all the good wishes on this blog’s 10th Anniversary! (I’ve aged some I know).

JWH 1000th-post-pic


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