Procurement Insights Exclusive: NLPA, From Humble Beginnings To The World’s Largest Purchasing Association

Posted on July 10, 2017


“Our logo, with its forward thinking modern feel is represented by the abstract graphic mark of a globe, coupled with small dots, connecting the world with the profession of Procurement & Supply Chain Management.” – Excerpt Sunday, July 9th, 2017 letter to stakeholders

As I read the advance copy of the above letter that Vivek Shally, President of Next Level Purchasing, LLC was going to be sending out later that evening to CertiTrek Group stakeholders regarding the new direction of the recently acquired NLPA organization I could not help to think about Charles Dominick.


Chalres Dominick

NLPA Founder Charles Dominick


I have known Charles for many years now, and he has always been an impassioned advocate for the procurement profession. His drive to advance both the knowledge and the “collective lot” of the profession was reflected in his willingness to challenge the status quo. Whether introducing new and innovative learning methodologies or courageously fencing with association establishments like ISM, he never lost his focus on what mattered the most; the procurement professional.

When it was announced that his beloved NLPA had been acquired by CertiTrek, I wondered whether or not this same level of passion and commitment could be transferred to a larger enterprise? Let’s face it, the assimilation of an acquired entity is almost a given under such conditions with only a fading memory of what once was persisting with those who still remain in the fold.

Having had the opportunity to talk with Shally, and then reading the letter to his stakeholders, one thing is clear; CertiTrek did not buy NLPA to change it, they acquired the company to preserve and expand upon its core values – Charles’ values. In other words – and this is perhaps reflective of the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it mindset,” the CertiTrek deal is focused on taking something great and making it “greater” – on a global basis.

Charles is going to continue on with the new entity in an advisory role. Although I have not confirmed the tenure of this new position, one thing is sure; Charles has created a legacy that has grown from humble beginnings to what Shally proclaims is the world’s largest membership association for purchasing professional with 280,000 members in over 100 countries.

All I can say is well done, Charles, Well Done!


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