Birds of a feather are? Influential on Twitter

Posted on August 31, 2017


Apparently, I am in pretty good company. At least that is what a recent post on the InstaSupply blog suggests.

In her August 30th, 2017 posting titled Top Procurement Influencers on Twitter 2017, Simona Pop uses terms like “visionaries,” who are “unafraid to push boundaries” while consistently generating “incredibly useful content for us all to digest.”

While visionary may be pushing it – after all I need drug store glasses to read the small print on medicine bottles, pushing boundaries seems about right. At least I am sure that fellow list maker and sometime partner in crime Kelly Barner would agree with this assessment.

Anyway, take a few moments to click on the above link back to the article and check out the other ten members of this “influential” Twitter group.

While I do not know everyone on the list of eleven, after checking out their handles I can see that birds of a feather do indeed flock together on Twitter.

2017 Top Twitter Influencer2


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