New Paper: How digitally-driven, cloud-based solutions will transform your procurement practice

Posted on March 13, 2019


While the term digital transformation is universally recognized moving from conceptual understanding to practical realization is not a direct path for many.

Survey Says

In an oft-referenced Mckinsey survey, just 23 percent of the executives who responded indicated that they have a digital transformation strategy and only 2 percent have a plan regarding the transformation of their supply chain.

The question; How do you make digital real in the procurement world?

New Knowledge Note

In the past two weeks, I have shared with you articles such as the one by HPE Canada President Paula Hodgins about working on the edge of the cloud. I have also provided my thoughts on how the real drivers behind digital transformation have less to do with technology and more to do with people.  With the release of my latest Knowledge Note Beyond The Bolt: How digitally-driven, cloud-based solutions will transform your procurement practice, I zero in on the procurement world and more specifically the changes that have and will continue to occur as we move towards a digital supply chain and practice.

AD2019 Paula Hodgins2

Talking With HPE Canada President Paula Hodgins at #ActivateDigital2019

While by no means the final word, this brief note should stimulate some interesting discussions within your organization including the dramatically changing role of the CIO and how “procurement professionals will (and are) influencing the selection and implementation of said technology.”

Use this link to access the post/Knowledge Note.