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New Paper: Digital Transformation in Procurement

April 6, 2018


Discussion Paper Focus: This paper examines the four cultural influences that impact digital transformation within an organization.

New Intel case study provides interesting insight in terms of supplier accessibility

February 27, 2014


The following Intel Case Study is quite interesting in terms of demonstrating how the emerging B2B world is transitioning to a more nimble technological platform that provides equal access across a company’s supply base regardless of vendor size.  Or to put it another way, we have come a long way since the limiting days of […]

Dangerous Supply Chain Myths: Talent Attraction White Paper

August 24, 2011


“A supply chain is not an abstract network driven by processes and machines, but a real network driven by people.  Good supply chains run on good people.  Supply Chain Success will be impossible without the right talent, which is becoming rarer every day thanks to the global talent war.  Any organization that does not have […]

Five thought provoking and controversial white papers available when you subscribe to the PI Supply Chain Resource Library

June 22, 2011


Over the years I have been engaged to do research and then write about specific areas of procurement.  This has included my government funded work relative to the utilization of an agent-based model in the development of a web-based, on-demand platform back in 1998, to commodity characteristic analysis and ERP vendor studies. Suffice to say […]

With SAP, failure is not an option . . . often times its the only option!

September 20, 2010


What does a bankrupt drug store chain, a County in Washington and an IT integrator have in common?  All have collectively lost tens of millions of dollars through failed SAP initiatives. The following is a white paper that was originally released in early 2008 and examines the myriad of challenges experienced by government organizations in […]

Transparency in Government Procurement White Paper Now Available

September 7, 2010


At the end of April a Roundtable Discussion featuring four leading procurement experts assembled during the 3rd Annual Business of Government Show in Washington, DC to discuss transparency in the government procurement process. Broadcast live across the Blog Talk Radio Network, this 90-Minute PI Window on Business Special covered the issues, problems and yes even […]

Washington Dispatch No. 7: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and Technology

June 4, 2010


Ironically, given the huge investments made in procurement technologies during the past decade, usage of these systems remains markedly poor. Only 1 4% of the companies surveyed expressed confidence that 60% of spend was being channeled through eProcurement, the typical benchmark for applications of this nature; more than 60% placed eProcurement usage at less than […]