Why You Should Read This New White Paper On Supply Chain Resilience And Agility

Posted on May 5, 2022


I think that we can all agree that there are no shortages of white papers in the procurement world. Even being an avid reader, I find that there is often not enough time to review, let alone do a deep dive read of the countless papers that cross my virtual desk each day.

Well-researched, high-quality content that informs rather than sells is what I look for in a paper.

Unbiased, quality content may not be the material that some Hollywood studios will one day turn into a hit movie. Still, if it delivers on its promise to provide new information and insight or causes me to think differently about a particular subject, I am “all in.”

Of course, with 40-plus years of industry experience, it can be challenging to read something that actually packs a revelationary punch. I am not suggesting that I know everything that I need to know. As Einstein once said: “once you stop learning, you start dying.” But the content must say something more than what is already out there.

Okay, enough of a preamble. Why do I like this paper, and why am I recommending that you download it and read it?

To start, the subject matter is timely.

Over the past few months articles such as this December 2021 piece in the WSJ titled Everybody Now Wants Supply Chains to Be ‘Resilient.’ It Won’t Be Easy—or Likely are insightful and remind us how procurement has been “thrust” into the global spotlight. In other words, the understanding and importance of what we do are now known far and wide, and as a result, we have to step up and deliver unlike ever before.

This new paper from SIG and Coupa will help us to do that – deliver value like never before with greater knowledge and confidence.



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