When The Importance of Securing Your Supply Hits Close To Home

Posted on November 19, 2019


WARNING: This is a tongue in cheek post – but there is an underlying message.

If you have teenagers, you will get this.

First of all, I hide my cereal because my fourteen-year-old daughter Savannah will eat it, usually leaving me with an empty box.

Unfortunately, and as her note (image 1) demonstrates, there are no safe places to hide food.

Image 1

Cereal 1

To add insult to injury (image 2), said cereal was “replaced” with rice.

Image 2

cereal 2

I guess the small consolation is that it wasn’t an empty box this time.

So, what is the underlying message?

No matter how secure you think your supply chain is, it isn’t and, what you feel is in place may not be.

Now please excuse me as I have to go boil some rice for breakfast.


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