18-Minutes With Jon Hansen

Posted on May 28, 2020


After 10-years, 900 podcasts and a 1 year hiatus . . . In the premier episode of 18-Minutes With Jon Hansen I welcome Tealbook‘s Stephany Lapierre to talk about her latest survey results on the importance of supplier data and comment on Rob Handfield Helen Mackenzie‘s insights on data cleansing and the importance of data to digital transformation.

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Show Runner Description

After taking a 1-year hiatus following 10-years and 900 podcasts of the PI Window on the World show on Blog Talk Radio, I thought I would try my hand at putting out a face that was “meant” for radio.

In 18-minutes with Jon Hansen, I will tap into the experiences and relationships spanning six decades to bring you a laidback and entertaining chat-style show.

By featuring the best and the brightest from an industry that is going through unprecedented changes, we will assess the impact of new opportunities and old debates on our profession, business, and life in general. So, grab a coffee and let’s share and enjoy the next 18-minutes – starting now!

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