The 22-Year Journey of Tim Cummins

Posted on September 30, 2021


It is amazing how quickly time flies and equally amazing how an idea or concept from the fertile mind of an industry visionary can manifest itself in a global organization whose ultimate impact could only be imagined at the time of its birth.

My first experience with Tim Cummins and IACCM – now World Commerce & Contracting, was by way of a kind and generous comment he made not long after I launched this blog way back in 2007. In his usual matter of fact fashion Tim wrote: “It is always rewarding to talk with someone who brings insight and intelligence to the conversation; it is especially so when they can then record and comment on that conversation in a precise and highly informative fashion.”

Over the years, I have received many favorable comments of support regarding my coverage of our industry. However, besides being one of the first to offer encouragement for a nascent blog, Tim’s words stand out because he is someone for whom I have a great deal of respect. He has a genuine passion for our industry and an unwavering commitment to make a difference.

While ceding his full-time involvement to “fresher legs,” Tim oversaw an organization that grew from a “cake for one” office to “over 70,000 members across 180 countries and 20,000 organizations” worldwide. He has established a lasting legacy.

Tim, congratulations on your accomplishments over the past 22 years and your continuing success as an industry champion and thought leader.

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