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AP Automation and e-Invoicing: Are the Benefits Too Obvious?

November 9, 2022


If 85% of organizations believe that AP Automation is a game-changer, then why are only 10% of implementations fully operational?

Procurement Insights This Week

September 19, 2022


I will be speaking at the following three events this week - you can check them out and listen online.

Governance In the Value Chain: Do Your Suppliers Really Have a Voice?

August 10, 2022


How much of a voice do your suppliers have in your relationship with them - are they transactional order takers or strategic partners?

Where’s The Beef! Shrinkflation’s Impact on Procurement’s Value Proposition

May 31, 2022


Is shrinkflation an opportunity or a curse for procurement departments?

Procurement Leadership in the Digital Age: Redefining Technology, Agility and Adaptability

May 17, 2022


How has procurement leadership changed in the digital age?

Stuck In The Seventies: When It Comes To Digital Transformation, 77% Of Organizations Are Still On The Sidelines (POLL RESULTS)

April 29, 2022


What are the biggest obstacles to procurement's successful adoption of digital technology? This may be a clue.

Behind The Virtual Green Room Door: A Video Sneak Peek For An Upcoming Webinar

April 26, 2022


A first-time sneak peek into a webinar's "not ready for prime time" green room.

Procurement Leadership in the Digital Age:Redefining Technology, Agility and Adaptability

April 6, 2022


What are the keys to digital transformation success? Join Jon Hansen, Hal Good, Cheryl Hayes and Jeannine Heron for an energized look into one of the most important topics of the day.

Overcoming Legacy Integration Challenges in a Digital World

October 27, 2021


There are three main challenges when it comes to integrating emerging digital tech into a legacy environment. In this webinar our panel tackles these challenges head on.

Getting Beyond “Go Live” Digital Transformation Success

November 2, 2020


Is a successful "Go Live" result the end or the beginning of a digital transformation strategy?