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Commonwealth Establishes Page Specifically Relating to the PI Social Media Network’s Coverage of Virginia’s eVA Program

July 22, 2009


As many of you already know, I have been covering public sector procurement policy and practice at all levels of government quite extensively for some time. From the Government of Canada’s Way Forward programs to the UK’s Gershon Review to the impact of cluster development and even the private sector influence of a Wal-Mart, I […]

The JLARC Review: Voices Being Heard? (Part 5)

May 19, 2009


In case some of my readers from the Commonwealth of Virginia thought that I may have forgotten about you these previous two Friday’s, I of course haven’t.  Even though my weekly JLARC posts were conspicuously absent from the “pages” of the Procurement Insights Blog, a great deal was still happening. To begin, it seems that […]

The JLARC Review: Looking Beyond the Statistical Surface (Part 3)

April 24, 2009


The one common element, besides the irony that both the Government of Canada’s and Virginia’s programs were launched in 2001, is the paucity of either statistical or empirical proof to support the current mandates. For example Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee’s (JLARC) reference to a survey, in which 95 out of a possible […]

The JLARC Review: The Phantom Echoes of Discontent? (Part 1)

April 17, 2009


“. . . Because we are not reviewing whether eVA is successful or not, but rather how it impacts one group of users and potential users, the questions do not focus so much on the elements of success that are addressed in Yes Virginia! But try to get at small business impact” e-mail from Chief […]

The Key Principles behind the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Methodology (A Procurement Insights Knowledge Leadership Publication)

January 29, 2009


Is Six Sigma Still Relevant in A Dynamically Changing World? “With the growing level of dissatisfaction with programs such as Six Sigma, the question that needs to be asked is quite simply this . . . what are the key elements of a successful process improvement initiative? This white paper focuses on the possible reasons […]

SWaM: A Transformation in Mindset from an Adjunct Undertaking to an Economic Necessity (Report on Virginia Forum 2008)

December 3, 2008


“On August 10, 2006 Governor Timothy Kaine signed Executive Order No. 33 (2006) focusing on enhancing business opportunities for small, women-and-minority-owned (“SwaM”) businesses.  It shall be the goal of the Commonwealth that 40% of its purchases be made from small businesses.  This includes discretionary spending in prime contracts and subscontracts.  The Department of Minority Business […]

Quantifying The Intagible: How LM3 Cuts Through The Haze Of Partisan Agendas (LM3 Profile,

October 10, 2008


“On October 30th, 2006 Sir Nicholas Stern released his Review, The Economics of Climate Change. Stern described climate change as an economic externality which is an economic transaction that generates a positive or negative (re pollution, global warming etc.) effect for an uninvolved third-party such as the general public. Practically speaking, you could refer to […]

Moving Procurement Practice Beyond Adjunct Complexity (COUPA Profile)

September 18, 2008


“Organizations that already have a technology driven program in place or have just recently implemented one still surprise me with their significant interest in the dramatic changes in procurement methodologies and practices.  But rather than focusing learning on new and emerging technologies, today’s procurement professionals seek insights into the actual processes that drive their enterprises.  […]

MERX: An Evolution to a Broader Market (MERX Profile)

August 27, 2008


“Regardless of the moniker, the majority of government initiative elemental roots can be traced back to the New Public Management (NPM) ideology in which efficiency, accountability, decentralisation and marketisation are the main components or drivers (J.E. Lane, Public Sector Reform: Only deregulation, privatization and marketisation, Public Sector Reform, 1997). Since the early 80s the NPM […]

Dangerous Supply Chain Myths (Part 2) Revisited

June 19, 2008


In the year since this segment was first published, I have written a number of follow-up articles that have focused on testing the metal if you will of my position that the majority of supplier development and management programs are inherently flawed.  What is the old adage about the unexamined life?  Everything, including what I […]