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Abandoning the old demo mindset: Today proving where something works is more important than demonstrating how it works

May 9, 2011


I can still remember the days of CP/M and the emergence of DOS as if it were yesterday. Back in the days when 10MB was considered huge and a monitor resolution choice was limited to being either one of green phosphorous versus amber, demonstrating a system was focused on pointing out its various bells and […]

Echos of Understanding: Recent SAP Post Resonates with the Readers!

September 22, 2010


My September 20th post titled “With SAP, failure is not an option . . . often times its the only option!” seems to have struck a harmonious chord with readers who have long recognized the fact that SAP, while being widely used in sectors such as government, is often times not the right tool for the […]

Whistletree: The Power of Simplicity

June 22, 2009


The July 30th PI Window on Business segment will focus on the advent of virtual conferencing, webinars and of course presentation creation and management within this evolving digital realm. As part of my research I have signed-up for numerous trial licenses, sat through countless non-related “product” demonstrations in an effort to determine which virtual solution […]

Supply Chain Management Certificate/Course USA/CANADA

July 4, 2008


As an adjunct to today’s Talent Attraction & Retention posting I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you the following Procurement Insights Question and Answer segment. Network Member Question: I’d like to get information about Supply Chain Management Certificate/Course in USA/CANADA. Preferred top Universities. Andre Caliman, Sales and Marketing Executive, Brazil My Answer: […]

The Value of the Certification Process (A PI Q and A)

March 3, 2008


The following is an interesting question that was submitted by an eSourcing and SCM Professional regarding the relevancy of the certification programs offered through a number of associations. Reader Question: In SCM, what is the relevance of certifications like APICS-CSCP? Raheel Ahmad eSourcing & SCM Professional India My Response: I actually just returned from a […]