Whistletree: The Power of Simplicity

Posted on June 22, 2009


The July 30th PI Window on Business segment will focus on the advent of virtual conferencing, webinars and of course presentation creation and management within this evolving digital realm.

As part of my research I have signed-up for numerous trial licenses, sat through countless non-related “product” demonstrations in an effort to determine which virtual solution best delivered the presenter’s message, and of course read, read and read some more.

All this being done in an effort to expand on my own virtual meeting experience, which dates back to coordinated telephone conferencing in which a PowerPoint was sent to each attendee in advance of the meeting.   The means for “automatically and seamlessly”  moving from one slide to the next resembled that of the old language learning records in which the annoying beep was replaced by my saying to the audience, “let’s move to the next slide.”   Based on what I have seen over these past few weeks, we have definitely come a long way.

The Power of Simplicity

“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity and humanity.”

William Zinser (American writer, editor and teacher)

I recently wrote an article which discussed such concepts as complexity theory and probabilistic algorithms.  I very much enjoy and would even say that I have a passion for the exciting uniqueness of these computational dialects.

That said my work in areas such as the above has also created an appreciation for the powerful simplicity of communicating and connecting with a broad audience with whom many of my mutual interests are intertwined.  And it is precisely for this express reason that Whistletree not only caught but captivated my attention.

Embracing the axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words, I will share with you the following video before expanding on my enthusiasm for what I believe is a product and service whose very simplicity is at the heart of its universal appeal.

I referenced the Zinser quote because it seems to be the embodiment of all that Whistletree represents;

Humanity: During the recent Psychology of Social Networking segment on PI Window on Business I had made reference to an article which indicated that only 10 percent of the population were actually using social media tools such as Twitter to engage and communicate.  What this means is that there is a vast number of people who are still novices of the social networking phenomena who will look for “comfortable” (re easy-to-use) access points to the world of building digital relationships.  Whistletree is an ideal access vehicle.

Simplicity: For someone who recalls on a first-hand basis the birth of the PC from the early Kaypro CP/M days to the Charlie Chaplin branded IBM DOS computers to the current high-powered multi-media systems, it would be safe to say I have seen a great deal.  Yet despite the exciting technological breakthroughs, at the end of the day simplicity has almost always come out on top.  Just think back to the  “Mac” and Apple’s bold proclamation “finally, a PC for the rest of us.”  While Whistletree may never become a “market changing” force of discontinuous innovation, it is a company whose very premise is based on the powerful simplicity that redefined the PC market.

Brevity: The speed at which even the most novice of users can access and utilize the Whistletree product or service is at the heart of its universal appeal (and yes, it is worth repeating).  Quite simply, if you are comfortable with the phone and PowerPoint, you are already comfortable with Whistletree!

Clarity: While you are responsible for the clarity of your message itself, not having the added burden of learning how to use a system enables you to focus on what you want to say versus how you are going to say it.

While many providers such as WebEx promise ease-of-use backed by timely support, actual experience has proven that all conferencing support services are not created equal.  With WebEx for example, navigating through the various options to submit a question proved problematic.  The fact that I had to subsequently contact their sales department as I never did receive a response to my on-line query did little to assuage my concerns that WebEx remains a product for the technologically savvy within the large enterprise world.

No such problem exists with Whistletree as immediate, real-time support is a simple call or click away.  Thus unencumbered, I am free to focus on my message versus the medium upon which it is being delivered.  Sorry Marshall (McLuhan), but in this case the “message is the message!”  (Note: even the most seasoned virtual conferencing pro should appreciate the Whistletree offering.)

Use the following link to access the Whistletree website, and their exciting whistletweet service, which integrates free conference calling with your Twitter account.


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