Next Level Purchasing: Translating Success

Posted on June 23, 2009


“The goal of a good translation is when the source and the target texts communicate the same message . . .

Measuring Success in Translation, an industry axiom

When I received an advanced copy of Next Level Purchasing’s press release announcing that they  were about to introduce a Spanish Speaking version of their highly acclaimed SPSM Certification course “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals”  (or in Spanish – Dominando los Fundamento’s de Compras), I thought about what this translation actually meant.

Like the proverb that states that “a tree is known by its fruits,” the translated version of this course represents an extension of a program and organization that continues to be on the leading edge of progressive supply chain aptitude.

And making their programs available in Spanish means that Next Level Purchasing will “bridge a language barrier” that otherwise might have deterred or even prevented many purchasing professionals from expanding their capabilities and resulting contributions to their respective organizations.

According to Next Level Purchasing’s President and founder Charles Dominick, “Introducing our courses in multiple languages is one more way to help business leaders overcome their challenges” in terms of “unifying their globally dispersed teams.”  The end result according to Dominick is that the newly translated courses will remove the limits on an organization’s “ability to deliver world-class performance.”

As indicated earlier, the benefits of the translation are inseparably linked to the foundational excellence of the original English version.  In this regard, here is just one of countless testimonies pertaining to the effectiveness of Next Level Purchasing’s SPSM Certification programs:

Use the following link to access the Next Level Purchasing website, and listen to Charles Dominciks guest appearances on the PI Window on Business segment “Is The Traditional Asoociation Model Dead?”.


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