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Getting Procurement Out of The Digital Transformation Rabbit Hole, e.g., Cost Savings and Digitalization

October 24, 2022


Why do procurement digital transformation initiatives succeed or fail?

Disconnected policies in public sector spend: Ombudsman Minto’s policy review revisited (Part 2 of 2) by Jon Hansen

August 5, 2013


In Part 1 of today’s post, I talked about the consensus that public sector procurement is a critical tool in driving socioeconomic benefit. Referencing a number of articles by industry experts, it is clear that there is a universal acknowledgement that we have to do more in terms of leveraging public coffers in critical areas […]

For the majority of vendors moving into the realms of sustainability procurement technology, it is either a sign of desperation or distraction but . . . with Rosslyn it’s just another crack in their egg

October 26, 2011


Don’t bite off more than you can chew, or avoid starting a new project until the present project is completed, are axioms that immediately come to mind when I consider the efforts on the part of some vendors to find that all important traction that ultimately leads to the scalability of their business model. In […]

Dangerous Supply Chain Myths Revisited (Part 5): Talent Attraction and Retention – An Exercise in Platitudes?

August 19, 2011


Each day for the next seven days I will be posting parts 1 through 7 from what is considered to be one of the most popular series in the Procurement Insights Blog’s history. The Dangerous Supply Chain Myths series was based on my review of the ISM, CAPS and A.T. Kearney Report that was originally […]

Is Canada really rich in natural resources?: Calculating the effects of Foreign Ownership

September 13, 2009


In Toronto, CBC business reporter Jeannie Lee said there is a great deal at stake for Canada — and especially for southern Ontario, where Canada’s steel industry is concentrated and where the global slump has already gutted the auto industry. Canadian steel plants produced almost 16 million tonnes of steel in 2007, employing about 32,000 […]

Supply Chain Confidence? (A PI Q and A)

February 28, 2008


The following is an interesting question I received from a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Business Technologies student who is working on her thesis “Measuring Confidence in Supply Chain Management System: An empirical approach.” Reader Question: My name is Diana Esparza, M.Sc. Electronic Business Technologies full time student at the University of Ottawa. Currently, I am […]