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Freightos: A Dragon’s Den View by Jon Hansen

January 17, 2014


Editor’s Note: On January 14th, 2014 I had the opportunity to interview Year in the Life candidate Freightos, a New Wave company that combines a vision for the future of the freight industry with a passion for technology.  In the post-show commentary, our Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank if you prefer) panel of experts provide […]

In the Year 2020 . . . Transportation

July 15, 2011


As posted this past past Friday, each day this week I will be providing my take on the top 5 predictions for the year 2020 from Bob Lohfeld’s July 7th Washington Technology article aptly named 5 predictions for the 2020 market. Today we tackle prediction number 5, transportation. Lohfeld’s prognostication: While computing will be ubiquitous, […]

Yesterday’s Interview with one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Innovators Reveals Interesting Opportunities and Conflicts

January 12, 2011


In Ontario, Canada where you attended university at Toronto’s Ryerson, the Provincial Government aired an aggressive advertising campaign promoting the “freshness” of local growers’ produce versus those trucked-in from somewhere far away.  In fact the commercial showed I believe either an apple or a tomato bouncing around a truck which had to be picked while […]

Made-in-Transit Packaging: Innovative, But is it Practical?

December 7, 2010


Most fresh food comes with a “best before” date, but Amsterdam-based Canadian designer Agata Jaworska thinks it should be marked “ready by.” Her concept: packaging in which food can keep growing during shipping to the supermarket so that it arrives ready to be harvested, in a state of optimum freshness. Made-in-Transit Packaging, TIME’s picks for […]