Yesterday’s Interview with one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Innovators Reveals Interesting Opportunities and Conflicts

Posted on January 12, 2011


In Ontario, Canada where you attended university at Toronto’s Ryerson, the Provincial Government aired an aggressive advertising campaign promoting the “freshness” of local growers’ produce versus those trucked-in from somewhere far away.  In fact the commercial showed I believe either an apple or a tomato bouncing around a truck which had to be picked while it was still raw and ripen in transit.  In essence, the Government in promoting local Provincial growers were saying that any produce coming from outside of the Province was not fresh and of poor quality.  Question: does your Made in Transit concept threaten local economies?

Question from yesterday’s PI Window on Business segment Made-in-Transit Packaging is Innovative, but is it practical? Time Magazine thought so! on Blog Talk Radio

In the increasingly complex world of global trade thinking outside the box is no longer a creative endeavor based solely on gaining a competitive advantage. The intricacies of converging interests including economic impact, the removal of trade barriers and sustenance perhaps even expansion of indigenous industries all collectively impact and therefore drive innovation.

Grown Close to Home Campaign Video by Loblaws

One of the more interesting aspects of Agata Jaworska’s Made in Transit concept, which she developed as her thesis in 2006 and was subsequently recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Top 50 Innovations of 2008, is its potential to dramatically alter the produce industry.

Jaworska joined be from the Netherlands yesterday afternoon to talk about what some have referred to as “the end of the factory” innovation, including how her “ready by” as opposed to the current  “best before” freshness model can lower packaging costs while simultaneously stimulating local economies.

Remember to use the following link to access the on-demand reply of yesterday’s live broadcast “Made-in-Transit Packaging is Innovative, but is it practical? Time Magazine thought so!” and, if you missed viewing it, the following is the short video on the Made in Transit concept.