Crisp, clean look and Multiple Post Viewing just a few features of our new format

Posted on January 12, 2011


A great deal has happened over the past year and as The PI Social Media Network continues to grow through our blogs, Internet radio and television shows as well as social networking and live event coverage one might be inclined to forget (at least temporarily) where it all as they say began.

For me personally, and forever etched on my heart and in my mind is the fact that back in May 2007 this social media enterprise started with a single blog . . . Procurement Insights.

Even though the subject matter that I now cover extends well beyond the supply chain world, my first and foremost passion was and continues to be purchasing.  This isn’t to say that all the other areas upon which I have the privilege to speak aren’t exciting and interesting and yes even thought-provoking.  It’s just that I have for what ever reason been intensely interested in all things procurement and this of course will never change.

All this being said, I felt that it was time to put a new and perhaps more modern face on our Flagship blog, which in and of itself was not an easy task as I had become quite comfortable with the old format.  While content has and always will be king so to speak, a fresh look to correspond with the diverse yet complimentary brands of our other franchises was in order.

After hours and hours and hours (you get the drift) of testing new looks, I finally settled on the one you are reading today for several reasons including the fact that you could view multiple posts on your screen simultaneously.  Being a quality content oriented blog I thought that this feature alone made the switch worthwhile in that it meant my readers could quickly and easily scan the headlines of several posts simultaneously before choosing the topic that interested them the most.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be turning on new features to make your experience with the Procurement Insights blog informative, enjoyable and entertaining.  As always, I would welcome your feedback on the new format as well as any suggestions relative to new features that you would like to see.


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