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Is Six Sigma, Lean and SCOR Still Relevant in A Dynamically Changing World? (A 2009 Procurement Insights White Paper Revisited)

September 3, 2022


Is Six Sigma, Lean and SCOR still relevant today?

Why I believe that Michael Porter’s position on corporate social responsibility smacks of colonialism

May 27, 2013


Back in April of 2008 I wrote a post titled What is the Value in your Supply Chain? (A PI Q and A), in which I questioned the merits of famed Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter’s model. Specifically, I had indicated that while Porter’s theory at the conceptual level has merit, its “value” in terms […]

The Key Principles behind the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Methodology (A Procurement Insights Knowledge Leadership Publication)

January 29, 2009


Is Six Sigma Still Relevant in A Dynamically Changing World? “With the growing level of dissatisfaction with programs such as Six Sigma, the question that needs to be asked is quite simply this . . . what are the key elements of a successful process improvement initiative? This white paper focuses on the possible reasons […]

What would you prefer for cost cutting, Offshoring or Process Improvement? (A PI Q&A)

July 10, 2008


Network Member Question   It is quite common to jump on the bandwagon of offshoring to cut costs.  Some are questioning the productivity of this approach.  What do you think should be given more preference and how would you drive the implementation?   Dr. Ravi Pandey Executive Coach, Management Consultant (Lean/DMAIC/DFSS, and Business, Product & […]

A Dichotomy of Perspectives: A Discussion on Forrest Breyfogle’s New Book on Integrated Enterprise Excellence

April 24, 2008


Recently, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas on the veracity of the various models that organizations rely upon as the framework for building a successful enterprise.   What prompted this open and productive exchange of ideas was a question that was recently posed regarding the merits of Forrest Breyfogle’s latest book on Integrated Enterprise […]

What is the Value in your Supply Chain? (A PI Q and A)

April 10, 2008


  Member Question: What is the difference between Supply Chain and Value Chain? My Response: To begin, the reference to supply or “value” chain is a misnomer in that it implies a sequential architecture.  This is a term that is on its way out as an organization’s supply “practice” is actually centered on the synchronization […]

Why Six Sigma Initiatives Fail (A PI Q and A)

March 24, 2008


Member Question: What’s the #1 reason Six Sigma initiatives fail?  (Maybe Six Sigma needs to be applied to Six Sigma . . . ?) My Response: At a Value Network Summit in 2007 Glenda Turner (a Supply Chain Integrator with Boeing) made the following statement; “Now that I know the value networks methodology, I would […]