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Who is footing the bill for your market intelligence? by Jon Hansen

July 29, 2015


In my interview with Shel Israel back in 2010, we discussed how Twitter would monetize its growing popularity. The segment was aptly titled Can Twitter Make Money. For those who are unfamiliar with Israel, he is one of the country’s foremost authorities on social media, having co-authored the book Naked Conversations, How Blogs are Changing […]

Socialized Purchasing (Epilogue)

August 2, 2011


Shel Israel, acclaimed author of the new book “Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods” on-demand interview now featured on Blog Talk Radio segment titled; We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Welcome to Twitterville and the New Business Paradigm!. The above was the opening paragraph to my first interview with The Godfather of […]

25 Social Media Facts Every CEO “Must” Know Article is Interesting . . .

January 22, 2011


I recently read Pam Moore’s article “25 Facts Every CEO Must Know About Social Media in 2011,” and have a great deal of respect regarding her efforts to quantify that which for many in business, is still relatively speaking uncharted waters. In short, this ain’t the media world of our parents (or for me grandparents […]

Does Ning CEO Rosenthal Announcement Mark the Beginning of the End of Our Social Networking Free Ride?

April 17, 2010


so I’ve come here to give you a hand and lead you into the promised land so… come on and take a free ride [free ride!] Lyrics from the song Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group Denise, a member of my Facebook community shared a link earlier today regarding a major announcement from Ning’s new […]

100th Episode Special (PI Window on Business)

January 29, 2010


100 Episodes! It doesn’t seem that along ago that I moved into the host’s chair here on the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio. Perhaps it is not a milestone that can be measured in terms of time, but instead in the richness of the experience of being able to share the […]

(A LinkedIn Question) Video Killed The Radio Star… But Will It Save Print Media?

October 8, 2009


The true power of social media which of course includes social networking is the medium’s ability to disseminate and stimulate dialogue across a vast network both quickly and conveniently. Having just completed a series of posts and corresponding interviews with individuals such as Blog Talk Radio’s Director of Programming Philip Recchia and bestselling author Shel […]

Why Advertising is Failing on the Internet

September 15, 2009


Monetizing the intangible? Perhaps, but the pressing question that is shared by both social media executives and users alike is simply this – who is footing the bill? While I am joined by Blog Talk Radio’s Director of Programming, Philip Recchia to answer this question on tomorrow’s PI Window on Business Show (12:30 to 1:30 […]

Taxing Social Media, and Why Pay Toilets No Longer Exist (Part 2)

September 12, 2009


In Part 1 of this post titled “WHO IS TO PAY FOR BROADCASTING AND HOW? A Contest Opened by RADIO BROADCAST in which a prize of $500 is offered,” I had cited an article from 1924 requesting ideas on how the new medium of radio could be monetized. The reason for digging through the virtual […]

WHO IS TO PAY FOR BROADCASTING AND HOW? A Contest Opened by RADIO BROADCAST in which a prize of $500 is offered (Part 1 of 2)

September 10, 2009


“A workable plan which shall take into account the problems in present radio broadcasting and propose a practical solution.  How, for example, are the restrictions now imposed by the music copyright law to be adjusted to the peculiar conditions of broadcasting? How is the complex radio patent situation to be unsnarled so that broadcasting may […]

September is Going to Sizzle on Blog Talk Radio’s PI Window on Business

September 2, 2009


Our theme for this month’s impressive line-up of guests is “September is Going to Sizzle!”  View the following video highlighting the PI Window on Business Show’s outstanding schedule for the month of September. From discussing the secrets of moving ahead with acclaimed (Customize Your Career) author and leadership & communication expert Roz Usheroff on September […]