25 Social Media Facts Every CEO “Must” Know Article is Interesting . . .

Posted on January 22, 2011


I recently read Pam Moore’s article “25 Facts Every CEO Must Know About Social Media in 2011,” and have a great deal of respect regarding her efforts to quantify that which for many in business, is still relatively speaking uncharted waters. In short, this ain’t the media world of our parents (or for me grandparents . . . okay make that great grandparents), with newsprint and crackling radio tubes!

Let’s face it, even those organizations who operate in the loftier realms of the social media world such as Twitter have often times struggled with monetizing the sizzle through the establishment of a viable revenue model. You do not have to look any further than my interviews with who many consider to be the Godfather of Social Media and author of the book Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods Shel Israel, to appreciate just how daunting the quantification of the return on your social media investment can be. (NOTE: here is the link to my PI Window on Business Interview with Shel “Can Twitter Make Money and Other Questions Regarding Social Media Revenue Models.”)

That aside, there are a number of nuggets of wisdom in the somewhat lengthy list of Moore’s social media “must knows,” which I will focus on today. By the way, do read the article in it’s entirety to view the complete list.

The first is her point number 6 which states that “Social media is not a quick fix to a broken business.” While stating the obvious, what stands out is the assertion that “If your market currently thinks you’re boring via traditional marketing channels, chances are they’ll think you’re boring in social media.” I love it, as it strikes at the core of what Ecademy founder Penny Power had once told me during our The Psychology of Social Networking interview, in that a broadcasting mindset is tantamount to a guy moving to a new town and going to a local pub and boring the heck out of everyone because he is incessantly talking about himself. Nothing will get people to tune you out faster according to Power, than a soapbox pontification.

This of course segues nicely into Moore’s point number 16 “No, it’s not all about you!” What really stands out is the fact that regardless of the medium like the old real estate adage that stresses the importance of location content is also the lifeblood of any social media venue. As Moore contends, “The only thing that is going to drive them to action is relevant content and conversation,” is a truth that has been proven over and over and yes, over again.

Take for example two of the many blogs that I write. Both have very loyal followings with the occassional post crossing over one to the other. In a recent post titled “Will the real Daffy Duck(s) please stand up!” the link back to the article that I had posted in the main social networking sites went to the blog for which the subject matter would be considered a secondary focus. In other words, I decided not to provide the link back to the blog in which the topic was in line with its main focus or theme.

What happened was very interesting in that a healthy percentage of people followed the link versus the blog. While I had posted the same story on both blogs and, the blog for which the subject matter would be considered primary still had a healthy readership level through subscriptions and RSS Feeds, the experiment proved that a catchy title coupled with what the reader would consider to be valuable content had a significant pull.

There were of course other key points in the Moore article that are of equal importance including the ones dealing with authenticity and relationships, but the nub of it is this – you have to provide and deliver value to your target community in the way of unique information and insights. And you have to do it through multiple mediums simultaneously including blogs, Internet radio and television and social networking forums.

When you connect with your community in such a manner as to be viewed as a valuable source then, and only then will what I refer to as the cross pollination effect occur, which is where individuals like busy bees will spread the word from hive to hive. It is at this point, that the true magic of social media will kick into high gear!

As for the various seminars I have given here are the links to a webinar I gave (Leveraging Internet Radio and Podcasting to Establish a Sustainable Brand) as well as a presentation in Sweden this past October (IBX Capgemini Summit: The Power of Conversational Virtuality).

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