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Dinosaurs, Meteors and a Fork in the Road Awaits Us in 2011

December 30, 2010


When I was once again contacted by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network asking me about my predictions for 2011 I must admit that my thoughts immediately turned to the significant changes in the eProcurement market landscape and how this might influence organizations in terms of their approach regarding the contemplation of outsourcing as a […]

Chairman Emeritus at The International Institute for Outsource Management Weighs In on UK Roundtable

October 26, 2010


As reported in a post last week, I participated in what turned out to be a very interesting and informative Roundtable discussion on Sir Philip Green’s review of the UK Government’s purchasing policies and practices.  (NOTE: for those who may have missed the live broadcast, here is the link to the on-demand audio portion of […]

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network Roundtable Examines Prime Minister’s Speech on Government Waste

October 22, 2010


As the only North American procurement expert invited to participate in the UK-based roundtable discussion regarding the just released Sir Philip Green Review of UK Government procurement policy and process, I found the perspectives presented during the course of the hour to be both interesting and often insightful. When you have a moment, be sure […]

EXCLUSIVE ROUNDTABLE: UK Government’s ‘crazy’ services expenditure – time to scrap and rethink?

October 18, 2010


The following post is also available on the Essential Connections Blog This morning I had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion pertaining to the just released review of UK Government Procurement by Sir Philip Green. The following provides both an overview as well as the link to the live and on-demand broadcast. (NOTE: […]

Did Sir Philip Green Get It Right?

October 16, 2010


Below is the actual review prepared by Sir Philip Green regarding the inefficiencies of the UK government’s procurement policies and practices.  Please note that it also includes a brief introduction video after the first slide. While we all take the time to review and digest the findings of Sir Philip, especially his assertion that “The […]

IACCM CEO Cummins discusses government waste due to poor contract management

October 14, 2010


Inefficiencies in public spending are a result of the lack of defined practices for managing supply contracts and relationships, according to IACCM, a leading authority on contract and commercial management. The recent review of UK public finances by Sir Philip Green highlighted what the Topshop owner called ‘shocking’ spending processes, claiming that no business could […]

Washington Dispatch No. 9: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Economy

June 29, 2010


Today’s post is the final excerpt in the series from the Transparency in Government Procurement white paper that has run on both the Procurement Insights Blog, as well as the Official Event Blog Essential Connections. As the lead-up to the release of the white paper later this week, we examined the observations and revelations from […]

Washington Dispatch No. 8: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Cost to Suppliers

June 10, 2010


As previously mentioned, the Government takes great interest in the health of SMEs and is making it a priority in wanting to “cut the red tape faced by the private and not-for-profit sectors when doing business with the government [and fixing procurement]” (2008 Speech from the Throne).  The Government is proud that it has done […]

Washington Dispatch No. 5: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Talent Gap

May 29, 2010


However, with the raised expectations on procurement to deliver sustainable bottom-line savings, the need to nurture top talent is more acute than ever. Some 65% of respondents rated capability development and talent management as a key objective area for the coming year, and further augment their functions with the right blend of category, supplier and […]

Washington Dispatch No. 4: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Impact on Stakeholder Relationships

May 14, 2010


As part of our Live Event coverage of the 3rd Annual Business of Government Summit in Washington, D.C. on the 27th of April, was an in-depth 90-Minute Special Roundtable discussion which posed the question “What is Transparency in Government“. Joining me on the live broadcast from the floor of the Ronald Reagan Building and International […]