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Probability Theory and Assessing the Impact of the Japan Disaster

March 16, 2011


Global supply chains in the process industries are usually very large scale systems that can be comprised of up to hundreds of or even thousands of production facilities, distribution centers and customers. Due to competition in the global marketplace, process industries are facing increasing pressure to manage their supply chains so as to reduce costs […]

PI Window on Business’ First 90-Minute Special Provides Insight into the Real Threat that a Global Pandemic Poses to Supply Chains

May 25, 2009


For “Want of a Nail” has been called “The Proverbial Rhyme” in that it illustrates how small and seemingly non-related actions can lead to significant consequences. Certainly the July 20th, 2007 Wall Street Journal article titled “A Key Strategy of Japan’s Car Makers Backfires,” gives compelling testimony to the truth behind the “Nail” proverb.  Specifically, […]

Challenging the Integrity of your Supply Chain: The Weak Links of Hidden Risks (Katzscan Profile)

September 3, 2008


“In the fall of 2004, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, known as COSO, released their Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework, which was authored by PricewaterhouseCoopers.  This principles-based framework provides direction and criteria for improving an organization’s ability to manage risk.  Moreover, the enterprise risk management framework is fully aligned with […]

Supply Chain Confidence? (A PI Q and A)

February 28, 2008


The following is an interesting question I received from a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Business Technologies student who is working on her thesis “Measuring Confidence in Supply Chain Management System: An empirical approach.” Reader Question: My name is Diana Esparza, M.Sc. Electronic Business Technologies full time student at the University of Ottawa. Currently, I am […]