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The reemergence of a recognized brand by Jon Hansen

July 3, 2014


It has been a while since we last heard from Rosslyn Analytics, a company whose intelligence sharing platform empowered buyers in a way that  forever changed the industry’s view of data mining and its practical utilization in the purchasing decision-making process.  In short, Rosslyn was efficiently managing big data before we called it big data. […]

Disconnected policies in public sector spend: Ombudsman Minto’s policy review revisited (Part 2 of 2) by Jon Hansen

August 5, 2013


In Part 1 of today’s post, I talked about the consensus that public sector procurement is a critical tool in driving socioeconomic benefit. Referencing a number of articles by industry experts, it is clear that there is a universal acknowledgement that we have to do more in terms of leveraging public coffers in critical areas […]

Disconnected policies in public sector spend: A universal problem? (Part 1 of 2) by Jon Hansen

August 2, 2013


I read with great interest the recent Procurement Insights EU Edition post “A Living Wage” (July 30th, 2013) by Dr. Gordon Murray, and the corresponding follow-up commentary “Additional thoughts regarding the “Living Wage” question” (August 2nd, 2013) by Ian Burdon. In the summer of 2006, I chaired the Summit Roundtable that reviewed the critical elements […]

Spend Matters Peter Smith’s Tesco rant misses the point by Jon Hansen

March 18, 2013


Just so I leave no room for misunderstanding, I have never been an advocate of the centralization of the procurement process in the public sector.  Nor have I been lured into accepting the New Public Management or NPM mindset that automatically and without justification cedes procurement expertise and best practices to the private sector. The […]

Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 4): Supplier cause and effect

September 9, 2011


It is a funny thing that as a writer when you put the virtual pen to paper you never really know what will or will not strike a note with your readers.  All you can truly hope is that your passion for the subject matter coupled with sound research practices will  prove worthy of consideration […]

Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 3): Compliance over Value?

September 8, 2011


Government contracting must be conducted in a manner that will: stand the test of public scrutiny and reflect fairness in the spending of public funds; respect operational requirements; support long-term industrial and regional development and other appropriate national objectives, including aboriginal economic development; and comply with the government’s obligations under the trade agreements. from the […]

Losing Vendor Litigation (Part 4): Belt with suspenders purchasing

August 11, 2011


You may very well be right but . . . we followed the proper bid procedure so that is  all that matters. Executive Director, Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat e-mail response to question regarding unrealistic Way Forward savings forecast I have on many an occasion written about the above referenced e-mail […]

A stroll down the Way Forward memory lane . . . good thing I have the movie rights!

June 24, 2011


Small business people claim they face financial ruin and the daily lives of thousands of civil servants are changing as the way the government conducts business is transformed. In the most recent federal budget, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale targeted $11 billion in savings. Of that total, $7 billion will come from streamlining the procurement process, […]

While the fat versus thin debate is no longer relevant in the cloud, ownership of and accessibility to sensitive data is now the key consideration

June 8, 2011


In their June 6th, 2011 ZDNET article titled Is the iCloud the end of the Linux & Windows desktop?, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols & Paula Rooney openly wondered about the relevancy of the fat versus thin client debate within the virtual realms of the cloud . . . or more specifically, iCloud. For those unfamiliar with […]

Supply Chain Finance (Part 3): How A Misdirected Overemphasis On Process Undermines Best Value Purchasing

March 7, 2011


In the previous installment in this series, I talked about the fact that it has became abundantly clear that addressing the challenges that vendors face when they decide to pursue government contracts, is not something that can be solved from the supplier side of the equation. For example, and citing the AMEX study results yet […]