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Freightos wants to know: Are you ready to go stealth mode?

February 4, 2015


2014 New Wave Company Year In The Life winner Freightos, has developed a new user interface for a full-fledged online marketplace that they are planning on launching in 2015.  They are looking for procurement professionals who might be interested in taking part in a quick 15 minute interview while testing their new user interface. I […]

New Wave Company Update: MarketDojo (Going For Growth) by Jon Hansen

July 9, 2014


Editor’s Note: In the first issue of the Growth Fund featuring organizations which have received support from the West of England Growth Fund, New Wave 2014 company MarketDojo has been featured in an article. Simply click on the image below, to access the publication on-line and scroll to page 4. Be sure to follow MarketDojo […]

New Wave Company Update: Freightos CEO provides his view on the Internet of Things by Jon Hansen

April 24, 2014


Given the increasing media coverage regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Things and Humans (IoTH), it only seems logical to seek out feedback from our New Wave companies.  Especially in terms of the Year in The Life co-winners Freightos and Scout RFP. So when I posed the question what are your […]

New Wave Company Update: Freightos raises $4.6 million in VC funding for global expansion by Jon Hansen

March 26, 2014


Well it didn’t take long for one of our Year in the Life co-winners to start creating waves in terms of making their mark in 2014. On Monday I received an e-mail from Freightos sharing the news that the company had just raised “$4.6 million from three Israeli VCs in a series B, in order […]

The Year in the Life dénouement (okay winners) . . . by Jon Hansen

February 17, 2014


In what was the ultimate movie cliffhanger, the main protagonists in the 1969 classic The Italian Job, found the bus they were traveling in precariously perched over the edge of a cliff.  Whether they survived or careened down the steep drop was left up to the movie goer to decide. Well I am happy to […]

Deadlock in Year in the Life Series Voting by Jon Hansen

February 14, 2014


Well this is a first! Heading into the wee hours of the evening it became apparent that there was a deadlock in terms of selecting the 2014 Year in the Life winning candidate. As indicated in my post yesterday, I had anticipated that I would be able to announce the winner today.  However, the merits […]

Year in the Life Series Winner to be announced on February 14th by Jon Hansen

February 12, 2014


Well I have to start out by saying that I was more than a little surprised by the tremendous response that we received from the vendor community regarding the first Year in the Life of an eProcurement Start-up program. To everyone who had submitted the names of companies who they believed were ideal candidates for […]