New Wave Company Update: Freightos CEO provides his view on the Internet of Things by Jon Hansen

Posted on April 24, 2014


Given the increasing media coverage regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Things and Humans (IoTH), it only seems logical to seek out feedback from our New Wave companies.  Especially in terms of the Year in The Life co-winners Freightos and Scout RFP.

So when I posed the question what are your thoughts regarding the Internet of Things to Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber, this is what he had to say;

“We’re moving rapidly toward full transparency in the supply chain. We can detect demand in real time. If people in one location tweet about sneezing we can start to route flu medication before they go to the pharmacy and order it. If people tweet about a party we can send extra supplies of beer to their local store. With the Internet of Things, we won’t be tracking just people. For example, cars will tell us when they need fuel, or spare parts.

That transparency can go back from the final consumer to the entire supply chain of distributors, manufacturing, parts, and raw materials. And it can be used to book freight capacity along each step of the way. With the Internet of Things, maybe inter-modal containers will inform us automatically when they are traveling at less than fall capacity.

Freightos is already starting to provide unprecedented instant transparency into the pricing of various freight options. We will continue to expand that as new modes such as drone quad-copters come online. But so far a lot of pricing is based on Excels that are updated periodically. I want to see this moving towards instant online pricing. And in the future, as the carriers finally modernize, I want to marry pricing transparency with capacity transparency so supply chain companies discover in real time if there is spare capacity on an aircraft, ship, truck, train or quad-copter which is traveling in a direction where they need product.”

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you the thoughts from the Scout RFP brain trust.  In the meantime, and within the context of your role in the procurement world, how do you believe the Internet of Things and the Internet of Things and Humans connectivity will impact both you and your organization?

Click here to learn more about the Internet of Things

Click here to learn more about the Internet of Things