Freightos wants to know: Are you ready to go stealth mode?

Posted on February 4, 2015


2014 New Wave Company Year In The Life winner Freightos, has developed a new user interface for a full-fledged online marketplace that they are planning on launching in 2015.  They are looking for procurement professionals who might be interested in taking part in a quick 15 minute interview while testing their new user interface.

I do not usually share this kind of information in this blog, simply because I equate it with time share offers sans the beach and palm trees but . . . shipping has always been an area of interest going back 20 years.  Similar to high blood pressure, an organization’s inability to capture accurate costs is the silent killer of bottom-line profitability.  Remind one day to tell you about the Department of National Defence contract.  This is probably the reason why Freightos caught my attention as a possible New Wave Company candidate last year.  It is also the reason why I made the decision to tell you about this “stealth” project.

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • They are looking for procurement or logistic managers who have experience in freight forwarding or dealing with freight forwarding providers.
  • They want to demonstrate what they have developed, hear your feedback and potentially enlist you in a stealth beta.
  • Interested users can sign up at the following page or just by emailing

If you decide to sign-up for the testing, please share your thoughts (good, bad or indifferent), by way of the comment field.  Your feedback will help me to decide if projects such as these are beneficial to you.

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