New Seminars for Supply Chain Professionals

Posted on February 4, 2008


To complement our critically acclaimed conference series The Changing Face of Procurement, we are pleased to introduce the following new seminars:

Dangerous Supply Chain Myths (2-Day Seminar)

Awareness of the continuing high-rate of ERP/IT-based e-procurement initiative failures to deliver expected results is now entering mainstream consciousness.  While vendors and those associated with the recommendation and implementation of solutions find themselves in unfamiliar waters, end-users are beginning to ask tough questions.

Unfortunately, and as demonstrated by a number of recent studies, there remains a handful of mainstream players from within the software, consulting and even association communities that continue to advocate traditional enterprise-wide approaches that are based more on maintaining the status-quo rather than focusing on true operational efficiency.

This series has been designed to dissect one such report from three industry heavyweights (ISM, CAPS and AT Kearney).  Focusing on what has been referred to as the “seven critical supply strategies” for success, the trio’s collaborative effort titled Succeeding in a Dynamic World: Supply Management in the Decade Ahead reflects the traditional mainstream thinking that many professionals are now beginning to question.

The Seven Myths

Myth No. 1 – Category Strategy Development

Myth No. 2 – Supplier Development and Management

Myth No. 3 – Design and Operate Multiple Supply Chain Networks

Myth No. 4 – Internal and External Collaboration

Myth No. 5 – Talent Attraction and Retention

Myth No. 6 – Enablement of the Supply Management Organization: Balancing Capability with Control

Myth No. 7 – Enabling Technology

The Evolution of the Public Sector Procurement Practice (2-Day Seminar)

This 2-Day seminar focuses on the dramatic changes that are reshaping Public Sector purchasing around the world.  Topics include the critical role of SMEs in the development of effective clusters, supplier development and engagement, and the emergence of the decentralized platform.

The Shifting Sands of the ERP Vendor Landscape (2-Day Seminar)

Focusing on vendors such as SAP, Ariba, Oracle to name a few, this seminar provides insights that are based on exhaustive research into the effects market changes are having (and will continue to have) on software companies and consultants relative to their business models.  Included in the conference material is an assessment of the impact that the emergence of Microsoft as either a direct player or indirect influencer will have on the ERP vendor landscape.

Referencing specific public and private sector case studies combined with executive interviews, the program will provide attendees with a clear and broad view of how changes such as the introduction of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and the evolution of Web 2.0 will affect supply chain initiatives from a cost, implementation and outcome perspective.

The Purchasing Professional – Making the Transition from a Functional Role Player to a Strategic Leader (1- Day Seminar)

Early reviews for this conference have been quite strong, as professionals within the industry are striving to establish their stake in the rapidly expanding role that procurement is playing with organizations in both the public and private sectors.

From “bridging the communications gap” with finance to discussing the need for taking a more holistic view of the enterprise, this seminar will equip attendees with the tools that are necessary for them to become impact players within their respective organization.

Yes Virginia! There is more to e-Procurement than Software (90 Minute Session)

This 90 minute session is based on my popular Yes Virginia series which appeared in a variety of publications including Summit Magazine and the Procurement Insights Blog.

Based on its overwhelming success as one of the few initiatives to both meet and exceed expectations, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s eVA program sets the standard by which all other organizational e-procurement initiatives in both the public and private sectors will be measured.

To inquire about existing conference dates or to schedule seminars for your organization contact Jennifer Cameron at, or (phone 613-231-7116).

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