(NEW WHITE PAPER) Yes Virginia! A Profile In Excellence

Posted on October 19, 2008


Who Can Benefit from this Paper?

This thought provoking white paper is an essential resource tool for public sector organizations that are already in the midst of an established program, or ones who are contemplating a change. Although they do not operate within the same framework of a public or government entity, private sector companies can also gain important insight as the paper’s principles are universal in their applicability.

Utilizing an advanced research methodology, the primary objective of this paper is to provide policy-makers (and those affected by government policy) with a multi-dimensional “objective lens” through which they will be able to view the veracity of both existing as well as contemplated initiatives. The resulting insights will empower program champions to take the necessary steps to deliver tangible and sustainable results.

Yes Virginia!: A Profile In Excellence will deliver groundbreaking insights such as:

Why the greater the level of involvement from IT and Finance Departments proportionately decrease the likelihood for procurement initiative success.

Why public sector shared services programs are really outsourcing contracts that may actually represent the initial steps towards privatizing the public sector procurement practice.

Why the Commonwealth of Virginia initiative successfully evolved through changes in government (including 3 different Governors) to become a truly non-partisan program.

Why the new pricing models for software and consulting services represent what may become insurmountable barriers of transition for tier one vendors such as Oracle and SAP.

Why sound public sector procurement policy and practice plays an increasingly pivotal role in domestic economic viability in the emerging global market.

Why the secret to success is as complex as it is simple!

Document Outline:

Main Sections: Avoiding the Pitfalls of A “Shared” Services Platform, A Perspective on Positive Change, The Bands of Public Sector Supplier Engagement, Understanding and Quantifying Diverse Stakeholder Impact, Government Policy and the Economic Impact of Domestic Clusters, A Non-Partisan Platform, Risk Transference – Holding Vendors Accountable, Measuring Success – Substance Over Positioning, Privatization and the Flawed NPM Concept, The Future of Public Sector Procurement

What executives and professionals are saying about the author . . .

“It is always rewarding to talk with someone who brings insight and intelligence to the conversation; it is especially so when they can then record and comment on that conversation in a precise and highly informative fashion. Jon Hansen clearly has those skills.” (Tim Cummins, Founder IACCM)

“Jon Hansen is a creative genius. He is very good with words and can make a very complex process easy to understand . . . I am impressed by his out of the box thinking abilities and deep knowledge of the procurement process.” (Dr. Sunny Dronawat, President, Bellwether Corporation)

“His writing style is unique and his ability to draw attention to multiple sources of information and reference materials for each piece he writes is second to none . . . his knowledge of the industry and immediate understanding of my organization’s business model proves he is a leader in his profession.” (William Dorn, Vice President, Source One Inc.)

“Jon Hansen’s writing in the area of procurement brings a depth to the profession that is difficult to find anywhere else.” (Cal Harrison, President, Beyond Referrals)

“Jon Hansen’s caliber of writing is at the highest level. He obviously has a deep knowledge of procurement-related topics, but also possesses a mastery of all supply chain areas . . . he has the rare ability to creatively apply his vast knowledge and experiences and form a unique approach in his writings.” (Mark Anderson, Vice President, Baxter Planning Systems)

“You know I have to say that Jon Hansen is easily one of the best business writers that I have come across. A good read indeed.” (Greg Waite, President, Future Path)

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