Introducing The New Business Process Mapping Group

Posted on March 6, 2009


“Following the edict by John C. Maxwell that “information is giving out: communication is getting through,” this forum is focused on examining the emerging practice of leveraging process mapping as a communication tool to gain a more complete and accurate picture of how an enterprise actually works.”

Business Process Mapping Group Introduction

In a recent survey, a BPO professional stated that “Business process mapping is one method being used to raise awareness and consequently improve an organization’s processes.  Process mapping should not be seen as a tool solely for analysts and quality managers, but as a widespread, everyday technique for employees across an organization to get involved with understanding and improving their own processes.”  Based on the increasing frequency of such responses, this is a concept that is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance.

The Business Process Mapping forum, which is managed by The PI Social Media Network, is focused on identifying and understanding the methodologies and practices that are driving the evolution of process mapping from the limiting confines of functional tool to that of an effective communication platform.

Whether you are a practitioner, consultant or a business leader charged with overseeing the improvement of organizational process improvement, this group is committed to becoming a reliable and essential information resource on emerging process mapping principles and practices.

Establishing An Effective Communication Platform

Establishing An Effective Communication Platform

The Group’s newly introduced logo symbolizes the collaborative utilization of emerging process methodologies and technologies as effective vehicles for facilitating stakeholder participation, thereby leading to a better collective understanding of the diverse processes that define the modern enterprise.

Joining the Group:

Use the following link to join the Business Process Mapping Group:

NOTE: If you are not already a LinkedIn member, use the easy to follow on-screen prompts to join.  There is of course no fees associated with the basic membership package.

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