Blog-Off II: An Opportunity to See the Future of Journalism?

Posted on January 16, 2010


When I was asked by Andrew Ballenthin, integrated marketing expert and founder of the Community Marketing Blog, to become part of the “Dream Team” of judges for the Blog Off II competition, I must admit that while excited at the prospect of reviewing the musings of the up-and-coming generation of international, social media wordsmiths, I certainly did not know what to expect.

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After all, with the emergence of citizen journalism and the continued, downward spiral of traditional media such as newspapers, this I felt would be an important process for measuring the caliber of writers in the “new estate.” Especially since journalists from the traditional realms usually avoid blogging like the proverbial plague due to either a misguided elitist view of the blog sphere, or a sense of intimidation based on actually having to interact with the reader in a more direct and personal fashion than was ever possible in print media. Perhaps even a combination of both.

So when fellow Dream Team member Conrad Hall sent me an e-mail indicating that he was “adding an entire chapter to (his) new book to feature the #blogoff2 judges, sponsors, and competitors,” I was more than happy to respond to his three questions regarding my personal experience. You can of course read my answers in the December 19th, 2009 PI Window on Business Blog Post titled “Dream Team Participation Provides a Great Opportunity to See the Future of Journalism.”

On the January 18th PI Window on Business Show however, I am going to be posing these same three questions as well as others to the Top 3 Performers whose series of blog posts engaged and captivated readers and judges alike. Joining me at 12:30 PM EST are Sean Nelson, Sam Diener and Tim Ruffner.

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