Attack on Site Despicable

Posted on June 27, 2010


We continue to fight off the DDoS attack on that I reported on Wednesday. Our technology partners have reported that our website is being hit 300 – 1,000 times per second with malicious traffic, crashing the server and rendering the website inaccessible.

We continue to work on implementing solutions in the hope that access to our site can be measured in hours, not days. The FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigations) is involved in determining the source of the attack.

Please remember that our students have uninterrupted access to their classes via our backup site at

We are striving to get back online ASAP.

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding during this very, very challenging time.

Best Regards,
Charles Dominick, SPSM
President & Chief Procurement Officer
Next Level Purchasing, Inc.

posted on June 25th, 2010 post by Charles Dominick

While not necessarily surprising, it never fails to disappoint me that for no other reason than malicious intent, unknown individuals continue to abuse the Internet for their own selfish interests or amusement.

Last week we received a comment to the Next Level Purchasing Sponsor Page here on the Procurement Insights Blog from a reader who was interested in receiving  SPSM Certification, but could not access the organization’s website.

Upon investigation, we discovered that this was due to a DDoS attack.

While I will of course leave it up to the FBI to track down the perpetrators of this despicable act, if any of our readers would like to learn more about the tremendous SPSM courses please visit Charles’ Purchasing Certification Blog or, go directly to Next Level Purchasing’s secured student site.