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Posted on August 31, 2010


It was Sir Francis Bacon in his work Meditations which offered the aphorism that “knowledge is power.”

Over the years of course this ubiquitous term has probably been attributed to many others besides Bacon, however Sir Francis was and is the first to coin the phrase.

Following a similar line of thinking Buyers Meeting Point, which is a procurement resource site that offers purchasing professionals a quick and convenient access to point to information and decision-making tools, are certainly not the first to operate within the realms of similar type web-based “knowledge-oriented services.”  In fact information in all subjects is readily available to the individual who has both the time and the inclination to navigate what Huxley referred to as a “sea of irrelevance,” which is the Internet.

This of course is the mindset with which I approached my interview with Buyers Meeting Point’s (let’s refer to the site as the “The Point” for the sake of expedience) Cindy Allen-Murphy and her new partner Kelly Barner.

Cindy, who in the past had been a member of a guest panel discussion on Traditional Associations in the early days of the PI Window on Business Show – it’s hard to believe that we will be celebrating our 200th broadcast in October, has always had a passion for sharing information and valuable insight within the profession.  However, with the addition of Kelly Barner, she now has a comparable level of of energistic orientation to drive this overall vision that is their enterprise.

And it is within the framework of this intention of purpose that perhaps distinguishes The Point from the many possible sources of procurement intelligence and information.  In essence, what they are building is a community portal that like a chameleon will always adapt to the interests of its members, while still maintaining its core relevancy.  An ever expanding truth if you will that incorporates white papers and books, vendor profiles and introductions as well as other engaging resources that in a kind of ironic twist reflects the Stop n’ Shop supermarket chain that first began operations in 1914.  Ironic in that both Cindy and Kelly initially met one another while each was in the employ of the northeastern US mainstay chain.

All this being said, the venue’s offering extends well beyond good intentions as a visit to their website will quickly demonstrate.  Besides the ease of navigation, the site reflects Cindy’s more than “twenty years experience in supply chain business process, systems development , and project management,” while Kelly backs-up what she refers to as her “unique perspective on procurement from her experience on both sides of the negotiation desk,” with both an MBA as well as an MS in Library and Information Science.

Hmmm . . . industry expertise, brains and organizational skills.  Sounds like a good mix.

At the end of the day, Buyers Meeting Point (yes I went back to the full name as I am not sure that I will get buy-in from either Cindy or Kelly regarding “The Point” reference), is a worthwhile resource to “bookmark” on your web browser to ensure your easy access to accessibly easy market intelligence.

A Community of Purpose


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