IACCM’s Cummins Hits One Out of the Park Regarding Dishonesty at the Top!

Posted on September 1, 2010


Tim Cummins’ blog offers one of the industry’s most “cerebrally balanced” and even refreshing views of the procurement world.  And I don’t say that with whimsical alacrity.

In fact Cummins is one of the few who will take a stand on difficult issues, even if it attracts consternation from the quickly fading, old mindset establishment.

His post in Commitment Matters today regarding my Procurement Insight article on negotiation is a case in point.  Here is an excerpt from his post:

‘You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate’ is the title of a blog by Jon Hansen, in which he challenges the ‘adversarial state of mind … that for so many years has hindered the buyer and supplier relationship …. negatively impacting an organization’s ability to sustain positive results”.

Jon castigates much of the negotiation training delivered by Karrass and others who encourage the ‘win-lose’ mentality. I agree with his comments. There are still many who see the negotiation itself, rather than the outcome it inspires, as the objective. This transactional, commodity-based thinking certainly does not fit well with many of the relationships required by business today.

Within the article, Jon also addresses the question of ‘lying’ and the sense among many that this is not only acceptable, but normal. He suggests such attitudes destroy trust and maintain the cynicism associated with many negotiators, especially those in Procurement.

While broadly agreeing with the point that unprincipled negotiation will lead to disappointing results, I regret that I do not entirely share Jon’s perspectives on the question of lying. Sadly, this is not so much to do with the negotiators in sales or procurement – it comes from the top.

Tim Cummins

Of course that is all I am going to share with you within the confines of this blog, encouraging you to visit, and yes subscribe to Commitment Matters to read Tim’s post as well as my subsequent comment in its entirety.

By the way, I think I just got a great idea for a topic for an upcoming PI Window on Business segment on Blog Talk Radio?!

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