The reported detente between Oracle and IBM underlines the true silliness of the industry and suggests a possible Big Brother series!

Posted on September 17, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me how ridiculously solipsistic the industry giants can be as they continue to operate in a vacuum of perceived invincibility.  Like Hitler in his bunker in the waning days of World War II, the leaders of these organizations continue to plot “market domination” strategies that fail to take into account their dismal track record of success outside the confines of Wall Street, relative to meeting client expectations.  Of course as we all know, Wall Street as of late is not exactly a bellwether of integrity or value by which to measure anything meaningful other than greed.

Besides coming across like a sleazy daytime television soap (apologies to the the soaps), where alliances are made and broken by the convenience of the moment and the gain that can be achieved at the time, perhaps the producers of the Big Brother show should do a special in which Ellison, Hurd, Palmisano et al are the house guests.  I would have suggested Survivor, which is a program that I tend to watch with greater interest but, seeing a shirtless Ellison is an injurious visual infliction that none of us need to experience.

In the end of course, and as this story moves from the front pages of the industry electronic rags to assume its rightful place of ephemeral significance (or insignificance would perhaps be a more appropriate word), I can only think of the once mighty dinosaurs who according to legend ruled the earth.

If I am not mistaken, wasn’t it the small mammals (read into this SaaS players), who ultimately inherited the world or marketplace?

For further details into the Oracle and IBM lovefest as it has been called, check out Larry Dignan’s article on ZDNet “Oracle, IBM detente forged by dollars, distribution, HP.”


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