Drinking the HP Kool-Aid

Posted on September 17, 2010


ianlevine98 – There is another way to look at this, that HP is only competitor that none of these companies can go head to head with and they are just admitting that working together is the only way they stand a chance to avoid getting run over the by HP train bearing down the tracks on them.

Reader Comment  from ZDNET  re Oracle, IBM detente forged by dollars, distribution, HP

What is the old saying about the blind-leading-the-blind?

You have to admire  the ant moving the rubber tree, Santa Clause is real,  wide-eyed hope against hope spirit of ianlevine98.  Take just one more run up that hill ianlevine98, and say to heck with anyone who doesn’t follow you.

I am of course talking about the opening paragraph from above in which ianlevine98 responded to the news of the Oracle-IBM alliance with an earnest belief in HP superiority.  Don’t you just hate it when you have to tell someone that Santa Clause isn’t real?!

That being said let’s now return to our regular program here in the real world!

HP bearing down the tracks on them?  Perhaps Mr. Levine does not recall the story of how Hewlett-Packard lost $400 million in revenue from a failed SAP roll-out and, Red Monk analyst James Governor’s scathing comments.

Here they are in case you do not have the reference material readily at hand:

HP is trying to build an application management business to rival IBMs. What better case study in proving your R/3 and Netweaver capability . . . by showing everyone how
to merge two SAP systems.

The analyst concluded by saying Who would want to go to HP now for large scale SAP integration? The CEO just publicly said HP cant effectively manage such a project.

Respectfully speaking of course, the only train that is bearing down the tracks is that of the market who has finally started to clue into the fact that these dinosaurs have no idea how to make an initiative actually work.

Now where is that set of good china as I have to prepare for an afternoon tea with Alice, the rabbit and of course the Mad hatter.

In the meantime, and to at least have something in the article that relates to the “Kool-Aid” headline, enjoy this stroll down television-land memory lane:

Note about video: isn’t that HP Interim CEO and Chief Financial Officer Cathie Lesjak breaking through the fence?!

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